January 15, 2009

TBS Quits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No...not really. As much as I think that I can stretch a dollar, I have been trumped by Leon Logothetsis...this guy traveled the world on $5 per day.

OK, maybe not. Begging/hitch hiking is not tres chic.
Could you live on $5 a day?
Photo credit: New York Times


  1. Don't give me a heartastroke (word made up by my 4 yo niece) with the title of the post! And HECK TO THE NO I couldn't live on $5 a day. As sexist as it may sound, it's a little more dangerous for a woman to walk around begging and hitch hiking.

  2. Errrmmmm....absolutely not! I spend $5 per day on coffee at Starbucks!!

  3. Yeah! I almost had a heartastroke too at the title! Don't do that! Anyhoo... I have kids...no way we could live on $5 a day!


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