January 17, 2009

TBS Is Stuffed!

Anyone who knows me would probably agree: I love life, I love people (well, except those who don't annoy me to no end...ha!) and I LOVE stuff. I don't consider myself to be materialistic ('cause I'm not driven by the stuff) but STUFF excite me. Sometimes I buy the stuff (when they go on sale mostly) and sometimes I don't. Sometimes the stuff can't be purchased; like Facebook (which, I am convinced, is virtual crack) but it's stuff nonetheless. This stuff, no matter how categorized, just makes me feel a certain kinda way...happy, inspired, intrigued, thrilled and mostly any other superlative that we could come up with.

I, therefore, have created a brand new category that I've simply dubbed *drumroll please* "Stuffed!". Isn't that clever? *crickets*

So. Here goes! Clockwise from top right corner:

1. Talbot's Tunic 2. J Crew Bird's Nest Ring 3.Cool Office from Habitually Chic 4. Fab Hostess Apron 5. Faux Bois Tray 6. Dansko clogs 7. Inspiration Board from style court 8. OPI nail colour in "MonSooner or Later".

What are you STUFFED with lately? Any fave things on your radar?

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