January 18, 2009

Should I Or Not? Need Your Feedback ASAP!

I've fallen in love with this fab tunic from Talbots. Originally priced at $119, it has been marked down to $27...I LILO it (meaning I like it and sorta love it...LILO. *crickets*, huh?)! I continue to be drawn to it but try to be practical in my shopping. Will I wear it? What will I sport it with? Is it something that will be in my fashion rotation for years to come (if not, I don't need it..seriously.)? It fits in with my personal style (I knew you'd ask that...tee hee hee)!

The kicker: it goes back to its regular sale price on January 20.

I need your thoughts. Quickly. Like by 10 PM EST tonight!

Get or not?


  1. Hello!

    I would most definitely purchase this tunic. It is an awesome print that will look great with anything! You can wear it with jeans, slacks or tights! Also for $27?? You need to get it now! Also it will stand the test of time!

  2. I like it too and would probably get it at that great price.

  3. Grab that quick! That's beautiful!

  4. OK, y'all...GOT IT (barely...my size was no longer an option after I made my purchase)! Yayyyyyyyy!


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