January 22, 2009

If I Were A Little Miss TBS...

...I would be chanelling my inner Sasha and Malia Obama and worrying the the living daylights out of my mom to buy me pieces from J Crew's Crew Cuts for my wardrobe. I'd promise to do all of my chores, eat all of my peas and corn AND make my bed without being asked! I wouldn't even need the Jonas Brothers!

If there is a little girl (or boy) in your life, get over to J Crew and take a pass at some their Crew Cuts line that is on sale. Why weren't there clothes like this when I was a kid? Some of the price points are on the higher side but continue to watch the Sale page.

I've put together a collage of some of my favorites from the Crew Cuts Sale.

We all have our opinions on the First Lady's fashion choices but what'd you think of First Daughters' ensembles?


  1. This may sound crazy, but my two princesses wore bright orange and pink to daycare today in homage to Sasha.
    She looked so cute at her fathers inauguration, I could not resist the combination.
    BTW, I bought their pink tights for £1.00 each reduced from £6.50 at Gap yesterday so they looked cute for cheap, always a good idea.

  2. They were both adorable! Do they make these darling duds in adult sizes? hmmmmm.....maybe in XXL kid sizes

  3. They really did look adorable! I love the looks for kids. Right now, my 8 year old is in the phase that he only wants to wear jeans and simple pullover shirts.

  4. They always look exactly as they should. Like lovely little girls whose parents have high expectations of them.


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