January 27, 2009

From Dear Reader, Renee: Bargain Jeans At Macy's!

Dear TBS,
This just in! Macy's is having a crazy sale! Take 40% off of clearance items. That's right if it is marked clearance, take an additional 40% off. These jeans were originally $58.00 and I got them for $17!, which is about how much I want to spend since I am working on losing weight and won't be able to wear these jeans for very long! *crossing fingers* I am not sure how long the sale is going on but the deals are ripe for the picking!

Thanks for sharing, Renee! That's my kind of deal. All, please visit Renee's website www.cutiebootycakes.com and blog cutiebootycakes.blogspot.com.
When was the last time you bought jeans , what was the brand and how much did you pay?

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