March 3, 2010

The Broke Socialite's Guide To An Oscar Party On A Budget

You've less than a week to watch any films that you might still be interested in and to plan an Oscar fete! Any old excuse for a party will do, huh?

Set the Scene:
*Grab the following items to turn any your home into your own personal Kodak Theater.

*Red carpet: How could you not? 

*Paparazzi: A camera for red-carpet photo ops is an absolute must!

*Songs from movie soundtracks make an cool playlist as guests arrive. What's your favorite soundtrack? I think, hands down, that mine is Love Jones.

The Spread:
*What is a gathering without a cocktail? I'm thinking martinis with double-stuffed bleu cheese olives or champagne. You can stick with the basics or serve a few movie-themed libations.
*To keep costs manageable, serve easy to prepare appetizers such as crostini, bruschetta, a cool dip with pita points, a veggie tray, a variety of cheeses, etc. Since the show usually begins after dinner, you might just want to focus on desserts.

Let's Get This Party Started:
*Create a list of this year's nominees for your guests to complete before the show begins. The person whose picks align with the actual awards should be awarded a gift. Think, well, movies: a gift basket with popcorn, movie candies, a gift card to Blockbuster, etc. is budget-friendly.

If you're into soirees, this one gets everyone involved and can be pulled together with very little effort and without breaking the bank!

Do you watch the Academy Awards? Which actors and/or pictures are you pulling for this year?


  1. I live in the country, so no one ever comes to my parties. Any suggestions on how to entice people to make the trip?

  2. I watch but never have a party.


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