January 12, 2009

The Best Little Soy Candles Ev-ER!

Last Saturday, I met my dear friend, Tamara, for $1 sushi at RuSan's in Atlanta. After we'd had our fill, we strolled over to Stanton Home Furnishings so that I might salivate over the wonderful chandeliers, unique and rustic furniture and candles.

It may not be new to you, but I learned about a line dubbed Kobo that is absolutely euphoric. What did I love?? Oh, just how fresh and clean the fragrances were. My favorites were d'anjou lychee and manchurian dragonfruit. My only hang up is the pricepoint: $32.

Not to be deterred, I searched eBay and found several for at least $10 less. Yay!

Put this one in your file. It'll make a great gift!

This is a community service post brought to you by The Broke Socialite;-)

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  1. Tag, you're it. I just gave you a fab blog award. http://joanofalltrades.blogspot.com/2009/01/timeout-tuesday-tagged-again.html


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