December 17, 2008

Win A Fun Calendar: Sign Up To "Follow TBS"

It's high time that we all prepare to change our calendars. Can you believe that it's nearly 2009?

What's better than to have a fun, cheeky calendar alongside your real one?

If you sign up to "Follow TBS" by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, December 20th, your name will be entered to win one of these calendars by
littlebrownpen! Click the "Follow Me" icon to the right and follow the's just that simple.

If you're already reading and enjoying (wink, wink) TBS, simply leave a comment expressing that you're a loyal follower and you too will be placed in the running.

Here's how fun each month of 2009 will be:

January- Make Resolution and Break Immediately
February-Bat Lashes and Pound Chocolate
March-Wear Sandals and Pretend It's Warm
April-Jump Puddles and Curse Frizzy Hair
May-Bend Down And Sniff Flowers
June-Wear Bikinis and Avoid Mirrors
July-Drink Martinis and Seduce The Gardener
August-Look Dewy and Avoid Stinking
September-Wear Boots and Pretend It's Cold
October-Eat Candy and Regret Decision
November-Scarf Stuffing and Loosen Pants
December-Say Thanks and Exchange For Jewelry

Good luck!


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