December 9, 2008

The "I Hate Erica B' Club": Get Your Membership Card Here

I'm not known for being a follower. At. All.

I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and make my own decisions.

That being said, I must join my dear friend CreoleInDC as a charter member of the "I Hate Erica B Club". Since CreoleInDC actually started the club, I will acquiese to her leadership but I have officially dubbed myself Seargent-At-Arms of IHEBC.

As some of you know, I ran across Erica B's blog almost a year ago now. I have been stalking her since. She was one of the bloggers that I watched carefully and observed how she interacted with her community...I learned a lot and am still trying to keep up! She's every wife, sister, mom and girlfriend but with a twist!

Being TBS, I am a fan of DIY bloggers. If you didn't know, Erica is a seamstress/tailor. Anyone can "sew" (or THINK they can), yet she has taken building a fab wardrobe with her own signature to artisan level!

She never discusses cost but I imagine that she saves tons of money because of her gift. I've seen her post that she and her hubby are going on a date in the morning and, lo and behold, complete a wrap to wear on the date by day's end.

The other day, Mr TBS and I saw someone wearing an ensemble that was blatantly homesewn. Here's the convo:

Mr TBS: Is so-and-so's vest homemade?

Me: Why is so-and-so even wearing a vest? But I digress: yes.

Mr TBS: Why do people think they can take a pattern for a tunic and turn it into everything: a dress, a vest, a pastor's robe? (Yes, Mr TBS said this...please verify, Mr TBS)

Me: I don't know, babe.

Mr TBS: So-and-so needs to call that girl who is your friend in Birmingham and get some lessons. Her sewing projects turn out great; like she bought it in a store. (Again...yes, Mr TBS said this...please verify again, Mr TBS)

Me: *sigh*

Even heterosexual men recognize her that's huge! Visit her then come back and see me or CreoleInDC for your membership card.
Andddddd, she made the skirt she's wearing in the picture. Hate (but love)her!

Do you have a DIY talent (sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, et al?)?


  1. That is soooooooooo funny! Mr. TBS is so observant! ROFL

  2. HAHAHAH That is hilarious! LOL

    You know I love DIY LOL. I sew, scrapbook, knit, bead and paint (with instruction lol) Nothing like the feeling of being creative!!

  3. I am so much in awe of Erica B because I have seen the finished project with my own eyes.

    I was with her in NYC and was admiring her jeans and she announced that she had made them. DO YOU HEAR ME? She MADE jeans.
    Who does that? And they looked better than my Sevens.

    I don't hate....I congratulate. YOU GO ERICA B!!!!!

  4. Mr. TBS is HILARIOUS! Girl...I hate Erica B. so much I tried to put a CURSE on her fingers.

    Didn't work.


  5. Sorry for my late arrival to this gabfest, but I must admit that I did make the witty observations that my wife attributed to me. And in the words of another of our blog friends,

    Erica B, why you so fashion?


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