December 5, 2008

Want Designer Eyeglass Frames Without The Premium?

Oooooooffffff course you do!

When we were in San Francisco earlier this fall, Katie T and I happened upon one of our educational partners who was wearing the swankiest Chanel eyeglasses. As usual, Katie T and I (and moreso I) began to covet her frames. Since Katie interfaces with said partner more than I, she was immediately deputized to find out all of the particulars regarding the frames.

How convenient that we were both armed with our iPhones; so our preliminary search began! I was naturally drawn to eBay and found a world of frames originally priced between $300-400 but listed for auction beginning around $100. I also needed to get my measurements from my optician (and now know that this information can be found on the "arms" of eyeglasses)

Even $100 was more than I wanted to spend, so over the past 2 months, I've kept a vigil and, you guessed it, my patience has paid off. Though I could not find the tortoise-framed, mother-of-pearl glasses that our colleague donned, I won a pair that are probably more my style. The bidding began at 99 cents and ended with my winning bid: 27 smackeroos! The next step is taking them to my optician and having my prescription lenses popped right on in.

At the end of the day, I saved almost $350 on the frames. I'll drop them off tomorrow for the lenses to be added. These are them posted above! What do you think? Stylish much?

It takes some research but eBay has most always been good to me.

Stay tuned for TBS's free webinar early next year: How To eBay On A Budget.
Let me know if you're interested in receiving information!


  1. Those are cute! It's time for me to get more glasses.

  2. Cute frames.

    I love ebay. I just won a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses for a STEAL.

    Can't wait for your webinar.

  3. This is such a great idea! I never never never considered ebay for eyeglass frame, and I too, have been coveting a pair of Chanel frames.

    Thanks for this idea!

  4. Like the above commentor, I never thought about ebay for eye wear. Great idea!! I actually just bought a new pair and while browsing, saw too many cute pairs of glasses that were completely out of my price range at the eye glass shop. This post give me hope! lol


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