December 4, 2008

This Should Launch A Brown Bag Revival: Cool Lunch Totes

Most everyone I know tries to save a dime every now and again. My work buddies and I have recently gotten back on track with bringing our lunch on a daily basis (we seem to do so in phases). There's little more chic around the office kitchen table than being able to whip out a stylish lunch tote. I have a couple, one made by Igloo and the other by BuiltNY, that I use interchangeably but I am still noticing some people bringing plastic shopping bags...not tres chic at all.

Mario Batali (yes, that Mario from Food Network) has launched a line of lunch bags that can be found online at Giving Gallery. They range in price from $20-40 and are fabulous! And, get this, with a coupon code (CP15), you'll save 15 percent. These make great holiday gifts, too!

Put the brown bags now. Drab bags in the office kitchen are no longer acceptable. There. I said it.

How do you transport YOUR lunch?


  1. I have a basic black insulated lunch bag that I bought from the Container Store. I love it!

  2. In plantation-logo lunchwear.


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