December 20, 2008

TBS Coup-of-the-Day: $140 Prints for $5 (And Some Change)

I started this day with the best intentions; unfortunately, it took a weird twist before I could infuse the pep in my step. Nevertheless, I felt a lot better after speaking with Mr TBS and a couple of friends.

But can I tell you what made me feel better? I happened upon 2 nice prints (they're huge: 24" square) at Ballard's Backroom that I thought would look nice with the $50 buffet/sideboard and $50-ish chic antler lamps. I was looking for a pop of color to try in the sea of chocolate wood so I thought I'd try the lovely eye-candy...after all if I didn't like it, it's only $5 (and some change), right?

Originally $69 each, they had been marked down to $10.49 each MINUS a 75% discount from the lowest price. Yes...a great big $2.62 each! Woo hoo. Metallic paisley design, chocolate, eggplant, orange and white rest on a bed of deep teal. Dare I say they look like a million bucks?

What do you think? I LOVE deals like this!

Any good deals for you today?


  1. I think they're lovely! The antler lamps are a nice surprise as well.

  2. GIRL! Now that right there is a deal! And your eye? I might have to stab you and take it. ROFL!

  3. Thanks, ladies! *and putting on my coat of armor to prevent becoming a victim of a shanking*

  4. You must come decorate my place. I love your still.

  5. @The Lady Girl: Anytime, doll, anytime. Thanks for the kind words.


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