December 2, 2008

Singing The Praises of HSN (Yes...The Home Shopping Network!)

I've said more times than I can probably count that some of the home shopping channels are great places to find quality pieces. That being said, I know there are exceptions to this rule: sometimes workmanship can be a bit shoddy but that's the risk that you take when shopping on-line or via telephone, right? I've been a customer of the Home Shopping Network long enough to know which of their lines meet my standards and the ones that I should quickly pass on.

Recently, I purchased the dress pictured above. As a plus-sized woman, it's sometimes challenging to find dresses made from superior textiles; especially since Diane von Furstenberg hasn't quiiiitttteee gotten around to the size 14+ market.

Since I hadn't shopped this line (Citrine) before, I must admit that I was a tad nervous: Would it be cheap looking ('cause I don't do cheap-looking at.all.)? Would it be long enough (I'm 5'11" remember)? Would the print make me look semi-truck wide (beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeep)? Well...No. Yes. And No. It is perfect. Though I've never worn a DVF original and I'm no Erica B(love her!) , I've felt the higher end fabric and this is very similar if not the same.

I was most excited about the price point. Originally $100, I purchased the a-line dress for $50 plus shipping.

This one is a keeper: black suede knee boots (if I can find some...I've been shopping for these a while now---still no luck & I'm NOT paying full price) are all I need.

Have any amongst us ever shopped for clothing on a shopping channel? Know anyone who does or has?


  1. That is a cute dress! I've never bought clothing from either shopping network. But I have bought shoes from QVC. That was an excellent find!

  2. I purchase my makeup, Bare Escentuals from QVC but never clothes. That dress is cute!

  3. Fabulous dress. I'm not usually much on prints, but that's too fab. I bought almost all my maternity clothes from QVC. Those Denim & Co. stretch boot cut jeans carried me all the way through my pregnancy, and looked fabulous.

    I bought several regular sweaters and tops that made wonderful maternity clothes because they have lots of big shirts.

    I don't shop QVC much anymore because their S&H has gotten out of control, but I'm right there when they have a Philosophy TSV.


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