December 1, 2008

Is Mr Monn A Broke Socialite?

How did I miss this story on Sunday? I'll never know. I usually read the Sunday edition of The New York Times at 12:01 am each Sunday morning (and usually while I'm watching Saturday Night Live). "Weddings and Celebrations" is my favorite section and I dare anyone to read it before me.

Imagine my surprise when I got a query from a one Mrs Katie T: had I read this article?!

As we all prepare for soirees left and right throughout this holiday season, be reminded that we can mind our budgets whilst doing so.

Could you pull off an intimate soiree for , let's say 10, at $100 or less? Have you ever? Do tell?

Photo:The New York Times


  1. Yes. But ONLY because I keep stuff in the freezer ready to go. LOL! I also keep wine. All I need is food and wine because I have everything else stored up to make it LOOK nice.

  2. @CreoleInDC...I know you're ready; I've seem pics of your shelves. Hopefully, you'll let me take some notes.

  3. Creole in DC,

    Would you have some of your exquisite shrimp and oyster dressing at said soiree? You wouldn't need much else.

  4. Absolutely. I work in the Hotel business and can definitely make any gathering work at any price point after years on the Catering side.

    Instead of doing a huge meal, you can do wine and heavy hors d'oeuvres and asorted desserts.

    You can also do a simple buffet like a nice prime rib sliced, served with horseradish and rolls.

    A mashed potato station (serve plain mashed and garlic mashed) with assorted toppings like melted butter, chives, sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon.

    And then a roasted selection of vegetables.

    That way you have meat, starch and vegetables.

    Guests always like meals where they can select their own toppings.

    This can definitely be done for about $50 per person.

  5. I love this part:

    ***Mr. Monn showed up at the Kmart at Astor Place wearing a crisp cranberry-red corduroy jacket offset by a pert paisley pocket square.***

    99 Cent Store
    Trader Joes to buy 2 buck Chuck Wine

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like the party was a HIT!

  6. @Tanyetta...
    Right! Sounds like a TBS party. Tee hee hee.

  7. @1969...maybe you can give us some menu ideas for heavy apps and dessert parties one day? Please, pretty please? ;-)


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