December 16, 2008

I Can't Wait...TBS's Tips For A New Year's Day Brunch On A Budget!

On my way home today, I couldn't wait to share that I've been pulling together some resources for my guide to a New Year's Day Brunch on a budget (of course). I'll share it in a few days so that you can begin your planning! Yay!
What do you usually do on New Year's Day?


  1. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I schedule a DEEP clean immediately before the holiday and we just spend the day together enjoying our home and being thankful.

    I know...selfish huh?

  2. I have been craving breakfast all day and then I see these pancakes!! That's it...breakfast for dinner it is!!

  3. Watch a couple of carefully chosen movies. Eat at Houston's. Walk the dog. Have champagne and/or coffee and Bailey's while curled up on the sofa reading a book or doing the crosswords. Write a good post on CNLand!


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