December 18, 2008

A Holiday Gift To Yourself: Your Life's Playlist

I was reading Diane Von Furstenberg's website (performing my regular 'have they added a plus sized line?' inquiry) and noticed that her staff has compiled a list of songs which inspire them. What a wonderful notion. I'd never thought of that: what songs contribute to the tapestry that is TBS? You know...there are songs that represent different ages and stages of my life...and I think it'd be wonderful to create my own personal playlist comprised of songs selected from iTunes. Happy Holidays to Me! Here's a portion of my playlist:

Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry
She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby
A Long Walk - Jill Scott
At Last - Etta James
Joy and Pain - Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Just Fine - Mary J Blige
On and On - Erykah Badu
There's Hope - india.arie
Ribbon in the Sky - Stevie Wonder
Show Me What You Got - Jay Z
Irreplaceable - Beyonce Carter (awwww)
Shackles - MaryMary

What are some of the selections on your life's playlist?


  1. This would take me all day. I actually have a playlist on my iPod called Good Day Today. Sounds like it's the same concept.

    I'm loving your list and I love seeing we have some of the same taste. ESPECIALLY Frankie baby. Always Frankie.

  2. Love Joy and Pain--pump it up, pump it up!

  3. This is soooo all over the place and I just totally DIG that! A playlist after my own heart!


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