December 5, 2008

Consider Yourselves On Notice...Next Year's Christmas Tree Theme

I have officially decided on next year's...YES, next year's Christmas tree theme. I was flipping through a few retail websites and happened upon this most fabulous peacock wreath. Isn't it lovely? Oooooofffffff course it is!

It was right then, right there that I decided that next years tree would represent the beauty, the pride, the regal nature of a peacock.

I can already see it...lots of peacock plumes, blues, greens, purples and tons and tons of crystal/rhinestone bling.

I am hereby deputizing you and you and you to let me know if you run across any peacock stuff over the next year. I can't wait until the after Christmas sales to scour for bargains for this next project!

Someone...anyone...please resuscitate me. Katie T?!
Will you shop for holiday decor after the season ends?


  1. TBS, thanks for the awesome idea! I think i might "borrow" your idea for this years xmas tree. Since we have a small tree it probably won't be a full fledge peacock, but I'm definitely going to use that color scheme.

  2. @dash of sugar - i serve at the pleasure of my! let's keep in touch and trade ideas?

  3. Of course! I promise to send pictures of the decorations once they are finished :)

  4. Love that wreath. I'd love to have a pink feathered wreath for my door.

  5. I love this wreath. It is so modern!

  6. I LLOVE that wreath!!!!!! I always get my decor after the season ends. Next year will be blue and silver because that is what Kayla picked. Each year one child picks next years color/theme lol.

  7. Imma look out for peacock stuff fo sho!

  8. Z gallerie in atlantic station has peacock ornaments on sale!



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