December 30, 2009

The Broke Socialite's Primer To New Year's Day Brunch On A Budget

If you're anything like TBS, you're still trying to figure out what I'll do on New Year's Eve. While uncertainty looms on the New Year's Eve front, one of the things that I enjoy most during the holiday season is preparing a New Year's Day Brunch for family and friends.

Even if you have other plans, you should always be equipped with some ideas for a budget brunch!

When planning your brunch, do remember that your guests will likely be recovering from celebratory New Year's eve, so start around 11 AM. Stress that passes will be issued for tardiness; this encourages folk to drop in at their leisure (do however set a firm soiree end time).

Set the ambiance: jazz in one room while college football bowl games are offered in another can be just the right backdrop. If you can get them in enough time, fill a huge bowl with fortune cookies (maybe check with a local Chinese restaurant)---this is a built-in icebreaker.

Upon arrival their arrival, be prepared to issue either a mimosa, a very strong cup of coffee or a tall bloody mary to your guests. Mini ham biscuits or cheesestraws are great for quick bites. Do also consider a basket of mini-muffins.

Your main menu should be effortless: a mixed fruit salad, a frittata or egg casserole and hashbrowns (or even a green salad) will suffice. Do also consider dishes that you can prepare the night before such as baked french toast.

A dessert platter will top off the festivities nicely. Cookies and brownies will comfort everyone as they head home for a nap and before they begin to consider their supper of collard greens, black-eyed peas, et al.

What's on your New Year's Day menu?


  1. Black eyed peas and cabbage fo sho. Haven't decided on a meat. Might do even do one.

  2. BBQ (even with all the snow), black eyed peas, and collard greens are on deck! Now brunch...IDK about all that but, it's a good idea for someone who's in the mood.

  3. If you're near a Super H Market you can buy large bags of fortune cookies for less than 5 bucks. Kids love them and they're great for parties.


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