November 30, 2008

It's Nearly Over! Black Friday Weekend Shopping

I'd love to hear how everyone faired on Black Friday and the balance of the post-Thanksgiving holiday.

Any shopping exploits to share? (Fergie...this is your cue...LOL!)

Any bargain basement finds that you HAD to have?

If you can believe it, I did not shop this weekend. I surfed several websites but could not conjure up the energy to fight traffic and crowds.

For the first weekend in a long time, I bought absolutely nothing (oh, yeah...except that yummy vanilla cocoon shrug today...tee hee hee).


  1. Well, Well, Well. So we have been looking for a poker table for the Man Cave. The table we wanted cost 2700.00, but that was not gonna happen. As fate would have it, TJ and I got cabin fever and decided to check out the sales and came across Harold's. They are going out of business and the store was virtually empty with the exception of store fixtures and such. We took a closer look and found the perfect table that we will use as the game table. It's really perfect, because there is a Poker Board that can fit the surface of it perfectly, and can be removed and so the table can do double duty. This solid wood table could easily command a price point of 7 or 8 hundred bucks. In true TBS fashion I got it for 50 bucks. I was so excited that I immediately pulled out my cell and let TBS know all about it. She is such a good egg; she celebrated with me just as if she found the deal for herself. I got a few other things: wooden hangers .50 cents each, 3 fold up round card tables which I will use for entertaining 15.00, and some other random stuff.

    I love a good deal. Thank you TBS for the inspiration.

  2. Fergie...
    You're a quick study, my friend. I'm STILL celebrating your awesome find (and kicking myself that I didn't beat you to it..LOL!).


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