November 30, 2008

Domino and The Dance...My Sunday Afternoon

This day has been a fairly uneventful one. I'm trying to get myself back into "work" mode as it is the last day of my vacation (boo hoo hooooo).

Gareth will be attending the Junior Class winter dance tonight; so I've been reminding him of fork & knife basics (and instructing him to breathe between taking bites) and how he must conduct himself in order to uphold the family name (he didn't even roll his eyes this Since teenagers seem to travel in packs, he'll be riding with friends to the dance but he did manage to strike a pose before he left this evening.

Gareth's date will be wearing a silver party dress; so he and I (read:me and me alone) thought a wrist corsage with some rich autumnal colors including hints of silver and crystals might be in order. I sent the florist an inspiration picture and our budget ($20 or so) and we were satisfied with the return. I would have preferred a little less ribbon in the middle but I think the fair Miss Ursula will like it.

Now that Gareth is on his way, I can kick up my feet and focus on a treat from the mailbox: the December/January issue of Domino. One of my favorite actresses, Joy Bryant, is gracing the cover but I'm most excited about one of the features: "50 Gifts under $25". All I need now is a glass of champagne to go with my magazine and the white rose from the MB Roadside Technician (I hate dead batteries...but what a nice touch, huh?)....

Do you read Domino? What do you think of it?


  1. No I don't read Domino but I have flipped through it before and thought that it looked like a good mag to read.

  2. That G sure is sharp looking!!!!!

  3. Could Gareth BE any cuter??!

  4. I have never read Domino but your son looks adorable.

  5. Could I please get some credit for the choices in Gareth's ensemble? I may not know flowers, but I do know suits!

  6. Readers:
    Mr TBS has run amok and has obviously lost his mind. Alas, TBS is always graceful and she gives credit where it is due: good job,My Love. Run along now...

  7. @CreoleInDC, Renee and Colleen:
    Thanks! G thinks he's pretty dapper.


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